Komatik  \kō-‘ma-tik\   A rawhide-lashed sledge with wooden crossbars and runners, first invented and used by the Inuit of Northern Canada, but since used also by non-Inuit people.

Collected in the late 1980s by author-ethnographer Lawrence Millman, these stories about the Labrador Innu trickster figure, Wolverine have a distinctly modern quality about them.   They depict a penis that can talk, the moon commuting from the earth to the sky, and farts that can literally kill.  Wolverine himself loses a footrace with a giant boulder and gets stuck inside a bear’s skull as well as inside his own stomach.  His adventures and misadventures indicate that not only is it okay to screw up, but there may even be a virtue to screwing up.   After all, Wolverine survives an entire winter by mistaking his own ass for caribou jerky.


“At once hilarious and sympathetic!” wrote novelist Howard Mosher about the stories in this collection.

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