Komatik  \kō-‘ma-tik\   A rawhide-lashed sledge with wooden crossbars and runners, first invented and used by the Inuit of Northern Canada, but since used also by non-Inuit people.

In April 1917, art student Edward Shenton went to the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia and, along with fifteen of his high school chums, joined Company B of the 103rd Engineers. When he left for training camp, he carried a number of canvas-bound sketchbooks and drew every day. In June of 1918, he and his friends boarded a ship for France. Company B saw action to the end of the war in November, and all this time Ed was drawing. When he returned home no one was interested in his drawings, so he put away his wartime sketchbooks and embarked on a long career as an illustrator of books and magazines. Ninety years later, when his son rediscovered his father's lost sketchbooks we realized this would be a significant book.


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