Komatik  \kō-‘ma-tik\   A rawhide-lashed sledge with wooden crossbars and runners, first invented and used by the Inuit of Northern Canada, but since used also by non-Inuit people.

The stories in The Cannibal Lynx were told to Lawrence Millman by Labrador Innu elders in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In them, human beings and animals are of equal importance, so much so that they often marry each other. Characters in the stories include monsters, cannibals, talking mosquitoes, horny leeches, giant penises, and stomping mammoths. Many of the stories are quite scatological; indeed, you could call them the Innu equivalent of dirty jokes. The Cannibal Lynx is a book for all readers except for those who want Native stories to be G-rated. The elder who told Millman the story punctuated it with raucous laughter. Such laughter went a long way to help the Innu get through the long, cold Labrador winter.


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